“My vision is that, at the end of your trip, you feel as though you have played some memorable golf as part of a truly enjoyable experience that made your day, week or month better.”


Patrick Keeney, Green Golf Travel

Our Experience

In 2014, I returned to Ireland having spent 10 years travelling the world, playing golf in exotic locations and learning about the golf travel industry. My roles as customer service agent at Golfbreaks.com and European/International Sales Specialist at Your Golf Travel.com introduced me to a vocation which combines great business, communications and golf –  the sport I love.

I loved my job and my life in London – working hard and playing hard as the city demands.  Every day, from an office in the concrete jungle,  I liaised with clients from the UK and all over the world to make ordinary people’s golfing dreams come true. I was constantly amazed at the high numbers of calls I dealt with from Irish golfers. I knew I could take my total dedication to the sport and combine it with my sales and marketing skills and niche expertise to create a new contemporary Irish golf tour operator. The idea for Green Golf Travel was born.

And the reason home called to me so strongly? Simple. A childhood spent playing golf at courses such as Portsalon, Ballyliffin and Rosapenna sets a high standard for a young golfer. I was playing the game with my Dad as soon as I could walk I was hooked on the game from a young age. In fairness, with three (older) sisters at home, it was a welcome escape at times!

30 years on and I have golfed in over 100 clubs in 20 countries. I remain convinced that Ireland, and in particular Donegal, has some of the most under estimated golf in the world. Green Golf Travel will open up these unique golf courses to a wider audience while also offering access to the best international golf venues for Irish golfers.

Our Promise

Your golf holiday is far more complex than just travel-times, anonymous hotel rooms and a golf course thrown in at the end. For me, a golf holiday is an experience to revel in and enjoy, whether its for an afternoon with friends in a new club or a weekend package with the other half.

A key aim of Green Golf Travel is to work with each person who contacts us to ensure a well thought out and enjoyable process that is defined by each clients unique interests and needs. We all appreciate the personal touch and deserve to be treated well when we are spending our money.  My vision is that, at the end of your trip, you feel as though you have had a memorable game of golf as part of a truly enjoyable experience that made your day, week or month better.

Green Golf Travel is Donegal’s first and only premium golf tour operator. Myself and my team have set the unique links courses of this region as the yard stick by which we measure the options that we offer around the world. We offer only venues which we feel can give a unique golf experience and satisfy your needs as a golfer, as well as a traveller, regardless of your level.

Try us out. Our team is concerned only with quality and not quantity and this is reflected throughout the booking process.

I’m living my dream, doing what I love the most – right here in the hills of Donegal. Let Green Golf Travel now help design your dream of a simply great golf holiday and watch us do the work, while you take the credit.

Patrick Keeney – Managing Director

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